This is how my life unfolded.
1996 my mother was diagnosed with a Goiter (thyroid nodule) and had surgery to remove it, along with 3/4's of her thyroid. She broke out with a 1" thick rash on her entire body  and was totally miserable.  10:30 at night she frantically said to me isn't there something in your natural stuff that can help.  I was young and dabbling a little bit and essential oils.   I looked in my book and found Tea Tree oil, this was before it became popular. I grabbed the only carrier oil I had vegetable oil,  mixed it up and put it on or the next day half the rash was gone.  At that time she encouraged me to find a school she said I had a gift .
From this I started my search. 

I was currently working in my 5th year at a Garden center, and a coworker hands me a flyer for the school of natural medicine in Boulder, Colorado .  Truly this was a gift from God and I didn't need to look any further. Thus I started my 12 year's of education journey to become a Naturopath.  

 During my studies in 1998 I started my Certified Organic farm Earth Pharmaceuticals, that my wonderful family has helped and supported me with, and worked at Natural Grocer's by Vitamin Cottage for 10 1/2 years.  At that time it was just called Vitamin Cottage.  

 I went to India in 2001 to experience the naturopathic treatments myself so I could understand what a patient must go through to achieve healing.  I then became a Master Herbalist instructor for the School of Natural Medicine for 10 years . I graduated in 2008 with a Flower Essence Practitioners certificate, Naturopath diploma, Master Herbalist diploma, and Master Iridologist diploma.  I also got my Reiki Master/Teacher certificate from the Grimmes and my Clinical Aromatherapist certificate from Dr. Raphael d'Angelo MD.

 With all this experience I wanted to make products that were safe and very clean so I started my other business Natur which is sold at health food stores like Vitamin Cottage.  I also started my practice Body Windows to help individuals with all different ailments to live life happy and healthy. 

 Today I have my practice Body Windows, my natural products by Natur, and my organic farm Earth Pharmaceuticals.  I am so blessed with all my experience to help bring top-quality, pure and honest healing products and plants to the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read how I got started. I hope you enjoy all we have to offer. Let Honest Living be the new norm.
Heidi Jarvis